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News 2024

Rorys Stratocaster wird versteigert
(Bought and Sold)

Pic. von www.rorysfriends.de

Ein offener Brief an den Präsident von Irland
Danke Eamonn


An Open Letter To His Excellency Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland
A  Uachtarán,
I truly believe and without any hesitation, the Irish state should purchase the iconic 1961 Fender Stratocaster of one of its greatest sons, Rory Gallagher.
I trust I am not alone with this opinion. It's a national treasure and musical heritage that belongs at home.
This guitar was part of Rory, who, as we all know, was one of our biggest ever musical exports. He was a world class international star within his genre and revered and loved by millions. Even today, with the power of the internet his legacy has continued to grow.
Apart from the legend of a musician that Rory was, he was also a true gentleman and a wonderful ambassador to Ireland for decades, as he traveled and performed all accross the globe.
This famous old battered electric  guitar, synonymous with our beloveth Rory, could be displayed in a case at the Rory Gallagher Music Library in Cork, or elsewhere and lent out to museums and appropriate exhibitions on special occasions. It could be like, where some governments lend out a rare priceless stradivarius violin to be played by worthy musicians, for an evenings performance of beautiful music, or a recording session or special TV performance.
Please do the right thing here and keep this iconic instrument of Rory's where it belongs in Ireland and owned by the people of Ireland.
Yours Sincerely,


Duane Eddy war der allererste Gitarrengott


Duane ist am 30.04.24 im Alter von 86 Jahren gestorben!!!



Mitbegründer der Allman Brothers Band
Gitarrist Dickey Betts ist tot !!!


Dickey - Richard Betts verstarb am 18. April im Alter von 80 Jahren



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